The 2019 BOGG Show

BOGG 2019

The following demonstrators will be invited to attend and demonstrate their skill, so come along with all the questions to those problems you have encountered and ask them.


D. Murdoch:-                       Loco construction          

I. Rathbone:-                       Lining & painting           

M. Welch:-                          Weathering                    

D. Mundy:-                          Signal construction         

T. Reynalds:-                      Loco Construction           

K. Peart:-                           Figure Painting              

C. Peart:-                          Art work                        

B. Orr:-                            Figure Painting                 

B. Daniels:-                        Modern Image / DCC      

D. Wright:-           Buildings construction & finishes   

T. Hill:-                      Trees-scenery construction     

A. Hunt:-        Construction of Ian Kirk Coach kits     

M. Mitchell:-                       Loco construction          

S Giles:-         Tree Making  [West Wilts tree lady]    

P. Waterman:-                            JLTRT kits