The BOGG 2019 show

Latest news

4. Dec, 2018
The trader count is now 76 with some still to confirm. with 5 NEW to Bristol traders.
We have been informed by Geoff Helm from HELSMAN MODEL RAIL that sales of his products will by web only for a period []
12. Nov, 2018
Trader count, of the original 94 traders invited to Bristol 2019, 75 have said yes & paid for trader space, 9 have declined as date clashes with Family or other events, the remaining 6 have not replied to the invite which has been issued three times to them.
If your favourite trader is not on our 2019 listing please ask them to reply, we can be contacted by the 'CONTACT US PAGE'
16. Oct, 2018
The confirmed trader count is NOW 78 two of which are 'NEW' to Bristol. 2 of our regulars are in the process of selling their business, so they may have a few 'bargain basement' offers, also the smaller one man business has found travelling to shows is becoming expensive and as they age more difficult, so are selling from their web sites only
10. Sep, 2018
A reminder that advance tickets are available via the form on the Advance tickets web pages
9. Sep, 2018
After our visit to GUILDEX the trader count is now 65.
Several traders approached us for booking forms, waiting their replies.
15. Jul, 2018
Trader count is now 44.
3 have withdrawn due to family commitments, 1 a family wedding in New Zealand
10. Jul, 2018
We now have 32 confirmed traders for our 2019 show, another 10 have indicated they will confirm their booking when they return from holiday.
19. Jun, 2018
We will continue to leave the 2018 traders list on the web until 1st January 2019, so it can be used as a quick reference location to you the visitor for your requirements
15. May, 2018
Trader count is now 22 confirmed, several have said they intend to attend, see 2019 traders page for who have committed to attend.
4. May, 2018
Trade count is now 18, we are attending the ALSRM show in Reading 12th May, come along and say HI
18. Apr, 2018
Trader count is now 15, one of which 'KS Laser Designs' is a 'NEW' to Bristol trader, link on 2019 show traders page
13. Apr, 2018
Trader count is now 12 confirmed, with more telling us they will book at the ALSRM show in Reading 12th May
5. Apr, 2018
To-day I started the 2019 traders listing, since sending out the invites on Easter Sunday 2018, we have 6 confirmed traders, with e-mails from another 8 saying they will attend, more trader names will be added as they confirm.
2. Apr, 2018
Over the Easter weekend over 100 traders were sent invitations, [either by e-mail or post] to attend the 2019 show. As and when these traders reply we will add a 2019 traders page.
We are attending the ALSRM show in Reading May 12th, and will talk to manufacturers / traders about the 'Door Raffle Loco' for 2019, there are several new products for us to look at, when we have a offer on one of these new locos, information will appear on these pages.
2. Apr, 2018
We were informed this weekend [Easter 2018] that Just Like the Real Thing has ceased trading see page 79 of the April issue of BRM for more information.
25. Mar, 2018
We will leave the 2018 traders listing on our web page until 1st January 2019, we know several visitors are using this page as a trade index for their own use.
25. Mar, 2018
On 23rd March UWE confirmed that 27th January was available for our use, waiting the hire contract to be issued, before contacting the traders who attended in 2018.
We have been told that there will be a change in the floor area we can use, this is to allow UWE to alter the public catering area, and add a refreshment area at the end od row 'B' & 'C', waiting a copy of this new floor area.
We are not increasing either trader space pricing or admission charges for 2019, it MAY be increased for the 2020 show
5. Feb, 2018
In early 2017 the data protection rules on publishing pictures of events were changed. It meant that ANY person seen in the picture/pictures must give permission for their image to be in the public view, with over 1400 visitors + 250 staff to ask it would take too long to sort & cross check whether the person had yes or no to being on the show web pages.
To be on the safe side we have not used a show photographer in 2017 & 2018, we are looking at ways of including this request for permission to use images within the terms & conditions of entry to the event.
4. Feb, 2018
Many thanks to all traders / visitors / staff for their hard work on the show weekend.
When all the bills have been paid, we will be able to publicise attendance figures.
We have requested 27th January for the 2019 show date, keep watching
24. Jan, 2018
Received a e-mail from JLTRT to say they would not be attending BOGG 2018 due to illness.
Also Pete Waterman is suffering from a virus, and will not attend.
22. Jan, 2018
Due to illness South West Digital have with drawn from our 2018 show.
We hope they recover soon.
18. Jan, 2018
For the latest weather situation at the show site please us the link, on the weather page, you can find your own local weather conditions by changing the show postcode, of BS34, to your own local postcode.
The forecast for 27th January 2018 is Sunny Spells / 8 deg C / WSW wind [for Bristol this is a WARM wind] / wind speed 12 mph.
17. Jan, 2018
Earlier this month The University of Bristol, which is in central Bristol had a fire in part of the academic area which was being refurbished. This uni is several miles away from our show site at University of the West of England in Filton.
see Fire at the Uni page
15. Jan, 2018
The show is just about ready, the floor plan went to print am today.
We have 84 traders / 9 layouts / 3 test tracks / 23 Clubs & societies & 13 demonstrators.
The Gauge 0 Guild are supporting us with the E&T sales stand / Guild Village with experts in all things 0 Gauge.
We hope you can find southing that interests you among our offering on the 28th
10. Jan, 2018
Days are running out to order your Advance tickets, only 2 more days before the ticket booking form is removed from our web pages.
10. Jan, 2018
We now have 85 confirmed traders attending the Bristol 7mm exhibition, 28th January.
7 of which are 'NEW' to Bristol, & 2 traders returning after a few years absence, come along and meet the new traders.
8. Jan, 2018
Booking form will be removed am 13th January, ORDER NOW
3. Jan, 2018
27. Dec, 2017
Remember advance ticket are on sale ONLY until Friday 12th January 2018, this to allow 'SNAIL MAIL' to deliver them before the show date.
16. Dec, 2017
Advance ticket sales will close midnight Friday 12th JANUARY 2018, please make sure your order is posted before this date.
This is to allow us to return the ticket to you via 'SNAIL MAIL' in time for the show.
Any ticket orders received this week [17th to 23rd December] will not be posted until after the Christmas Holiday
16. Dec, 2017
We now have 80 traders confirmed, of which 6 are 'NEW' to Bristol.
Since the 2017 show 5 traders have retired, 1 did not have sufficient sales to attend again, 2 have chosen to attend other events.
There are still a few traders not confirmed, they have been given to 1st Jan 2018 to confirm & be included in the programme.
2018 also sees the return of Omen miniatures and Duncan Models to the Bristol 7mm Exhibition.
The 2017 trader listing will be removed from the web index on 1st January 2018.
29. Nov, 2017
The trader count is now 75 confirmed, we have not had any replies from 11, we hope to speak to these outstanding traders at the Reading Trade Show, at Rivermead Leisure Centre, this coming Saturday 3rd December 2017, 10.00am to 4.00pm.

The 2017 Trader listing will remain on the web listing until 1st January 2018.

We will be selling Advance tickets for Bristo at £7.00, admission on the door on January 2018 will be £9.00, NO charge for partners & children
9. Nov, 2017
Another 'NEW' to Bristol trader ALPHAGRAPHIX, signed up today this makes 3 new to Bristol traders for 2018, please support them.
We have had one trader from the 2017 show not accept space for 2018, he did not take enough 'MONEY' to make it worth coming !!
28. Oct, 2017
We have received trader space booking forms from 2 returning traders who say their customers are wishing to see their stock & discuss future project with them.
Still a few traders not yet replied.
29. Sep, 2017
Latest number of traders attending BOGG in January is now 71 confirmed, with another 16 not yet confirmed. At the time of this update we have 2 'NEW' to Bristol traders.
We have lost 4 traders from last year, one said on his first visit sales did not warrant his attendance again !!, 2 more have retired, and the fourth has a family wedding on Saturday, he was not sure about being in a fit state to drive to Bristol on Sunday from the midlands, so will give 2018 a miss.
15. Sep, 2017
Advance tickets went on sale at Guildex 2017, they are also available from the show web site, see ADVANCE TICKET page.
We are also attending the Reading Trade Show, with tickets for sale.
4. Sep, 2017
After our visit to Guildex, Telford, we now have 60 plus traders confirmed, and another dozen we are waiting for there trader space booking forms, and another 'NEW' to Bristol trader.
4. Aug, 2017
We now have 45 traders confirmed as attending, all their contact info can be found on 2018 traders page
25. Jul, 2017
Trader count now up to 32, with 1 NEW to Bristol trader.