The BOGG 2019 show

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7. Feb, 2019
To all who travelled to Bristol 27th January, I know of 1 visitor who arrived from Dusseldorf, Germany for our little offering.
On our thank you page you will find details of how many visitors arrived, about 1 in 3 were none Gauge O Guild members.
We intend to leave the 2019 traders listing live on our web pages until the 2020 show, as several members of the public use it as a trade directory
29. Jan, 2019
Hello ALL.
Many thanks for everyone who visited us on 27th January 2019.
The CHSW charity will receive the Bring & Buy fees plus what they took on their raffle, again thank you to the traders who donated items for this.
We are hoping that the 2020 show will be on 26th January, student exams permitting
26. Jan, 2019
About one third of our traders from Norfolk to Scotland have arrived, nine of the twelve layouts are set up & tested.
For the BS34 area of Bristol the forecast is Light Cloud, a fresh WNW 20 mph breeze, max midday temperature +7 deg, will feel like -1 deg.
NO SLEET or SNOW for the West Country.
Happy & Safe travelling, see you at the 2019 BOGG show
24. Jan, 2019
At 4.17 today received a e-mail from Little Loco Company saying they are unable to attend for a variety of reasons, they are still available via their own web pages.
Weather forecast for Sunday is Light Cloud / Fresh N.W. breeze / 6 to 7 deg C
The train service to Bristol Parkway, as yet we do not have a confirmed service scheduled, we are still intending to run the Vintage shuttle bus from station to Show venue
21. Jan, 2019
We are unable to clarify what work is being carried out on the rail line Swindon to Parkway station.
IF travelling by rail please confirm your train will stop at Parkway, as some are likely to stop at Filton, Abbey Wood.
We will try and confirm what is happening to the rail system.
19. Jan, 2019
Sunday's weather forecast from BBC weather for the UWE area is:-
Light Rain, Moderate Breeze, Maximum temperature 6 deg, Westerly wind.
A westerly wind in the Bristol area is usually a WET not cold wind.
17. Jan, 2019
Two e-mail from traders today to let us know their situation for show weekend have changed.
1 Geoff Helm from Helsman Model Rail has withdrawn from exhibitions due to a family illness, BUT is still trading via his website.
2 Antony Reeves of Treemendus Scenic's has found he is NOT doubled booked as he thought, so will be attending with his range of scenic materials
16. Jan, 2019
Advance ticket sales for the 2019 BOGG show now closed.
Tickets for 2020 will go on sale 31st August at Guildex.
15. Jan, 2019
Dapol have delivered the 209 show wagon.
It is a 5 plank open for Sandwell Coal Co. of Ashley Hill Goods Yard.
For the modeller who knows Bristol, Ashley Hill Goods is where B&Q's site was in Muller Road, just 200 yards from our club rooms.
Will add a picture later today.
11. Jan, 2019
Advance ticket sales CLOSE at midnight on Tuesday 15th January.
Please make sure your order is in the post for me to receive it by then.
I will take booking form OFF the web page at 6.00 am Wednesday 16th January 2019
8. Jan, 2019
REMINDER advance ticket sales will end MIDNIGHT Tuesday 15th January, please get your ticket orders posted by this date, please use 1st class postage to make sure your order arrives before the 15th January cut off date.
We have 81 traders at time of this entry, BUT in 3 week time some may have withdrawn due to ill health.
12 Layouts & 2 test track
Both test tracks have DCC compatibility
3 of the layout are built to Scale 7 standards.
14. Dec, 2018
trader count is now 79, with 1 not yet certain if the venue warrants a visit as it is ONLY a one scale show, we have suggested he contact any of our other traders and get their opinions on trading possibilities.
See note about overflow car parking on next page.
4. Dec, 2018
The trader count is now 76 with some still to confirm. with 5 NEW to Bristol traders.
We have been informed by Geoff Helm from HELSMAN MODEL RAIL that sales of his products will by web only for a period []
12. Nov, 2018
Trader count, of the original 94 traders invited to Bristol 2019, 75 have said yes & paid for trader space, 9 have declined as date clashes with Family or other events, the remaining 6 have not replied to the invite which has been issued three times to them.
If your favourite trader is not on our 2019 listing please ask them to reply, we can be contacted by the 'CONTACT US PAGE'
16. Oct, 2018
The confirmed trader count is NOW 78 two of which are 'NEW' to Bristol. 2 of our regulars are in the process of selling their business, so they may have a few 'bargain basement' offers, also the smaller one man business has found travelling to shows is becoming expensive and as they age more difficult, so are selling from their web sites only
10. Sep, 2018
A reminder that advance tickets are available via the form on the Advance tickets web pages
9. Sep, 2018
After our visit to GUILDEX the trader count is now 65.
Several traders approached us for booking forms, waiting their replies.
15. Jul, 2018
Trader count is now 44.
3 have withdrawn due to family commitments, 1 a family wedding in New Zealand
10. Jul, 2018
We now have 32 confirmed traders for our 2019 show, another 10 have indicated they will confirm their booking when they return from holiday.
19. Jun, 2018
We will continue to leave the 2018 traders list on the web until 1st January 2019, so it can be used as a quick reference location to you the visitor for your requirements
15. May, 2018
Trader count is now 22 confirmed, several have said they intend to attend, see 2019 traders page for who have committed to attend.
4. May, 2018
Trade count is now 18, we are attending the ALSRM show in Reading 12th May, come along and say HI
18. Apr, 2018
Trader count is now 15, one of which 'KS Laser Designs' is a 'NEW' to Bristol trader, link on 2019 show traders page
13. Apr, 2018
Trader count is now 12 confirmed, with more telling us they will book at the ALSRM show in Reading 12th May
5. Apr, 2018
To-day I started the 2019 traders listing, since sending out the invites on Easter Sunday 2018, we have 6 confirmed traders, with e-mails from another 8 saying they will attend, more trader names will be added as they confirm.