The BOGG 2020 show

Latest news

16. Oct, 2019
Advance tickets are on sale now, they will save you £2.00 on the door price.
It also allows early entry for drinks & toilets
9. Sep, 2019
Our latest new to Bristol trader is Transport Treasury Publishing, a publisher of Railway photographic collections.
2. Sep, 2019
After our visit to Guildex, trader count is now 81, with possible few more 'NEW' to Bristol traders.
Advance ticket sales online now open, please copy & paste form for your applications, MAY not work with IPHONE's as its a MIcrosoft document.
9. Aug, 2019
Trader count is now 76, now 4 'NEW' to Bristol traders.
Advance tickets will go on sale Saturday 31st August from 10.00am at Guildex, and online sales go live from pm Monday 2nd September
6. Aug, 2019
Our trader count is now 72. not all have web addresses, but we have included a phone number for you to contact them.
More not yet replied, will pester them at GUILDEX at end of month
13. Jul, 2019
Trader count is now 52, with another dozen saying will book at Guildex.
27. Jun, 2019
We now have 44 confirmed traders. See 2020 traders page for who is attending.
3 of which are NEW to Bristol,
Scale Link have informed us they are not attending exhibitions any longer BUT are still trading via their website at
12. Jun, 2019
We now have 30 traders confirmed as attending.
Minerva are again offering one of their loco's as the door raffle for 2020, either a GWR Pannier or a Manning Wardle K class.
Advance tickets will be available at Guildex in August.
14. Apr, 2019
Trader count is now 20 in just 2 weeks, several have e-mail to say will pay at ALSRM show in May at Reading leisure centre
4. Apr, 2019
Traders are starting to reply 6 have paid, another 10 have e-mailed asking for BACS payment details.
31. Mar, 2019
Sunday 26th January 2020, confirmed as our NEXT show date.
Saturday 30th March 2019 the traders who rely on 'snail mail' were sent their invitations to the 2020 BOGG show.
Sunday 31st March 2019, starting on the remaining 98 traders on the invite list, 7 of which are NEW to Bristol.
Traders details will be published as & when they become available.
16. Mar, 2019
Of the 5 show wagons produced by Dapol for the BOGG shows we only have stock of the first [2015] Pountney & Co. Ltd. - fourth [2018] Hendy & Company & fifth [2019] Sandwell Coal Co.
Dudley & Gibson as well as T. Paul have all been sold.
28. Feb, 2019
They have pencilled in 26th January 2020 as our next event, they will confirm before Easter 2019.
Again we will leave the 2019 traders list on our web site for you the visitor to use as a catalogue for the bits & pieces you need for your hobby.
So far we have received 5 requests for space for 2020 from 'NEW' to Bristol traders.
7. Feb, 2019
To all who travelled to Bristol 27th January, I know of 1 visitor who arrived from Dusseldorf, Germany for our little offering.
On our thank you page you will find details of how many visitors arrived, about 1 in 3 were none Gauge O Guild members.
We intend to leave the 2019 traders listing live on our web pages until the 2020 show, as several members of the public use it as a trade directory
29. Jan, 2019
Hello ALL.
Many thanks for everyone who visited us on 27th January 2019.
The CHSW charity will receive the Bring & Buy fees plus what they took on their raffle, again thank you to the traders who donated items for this.
We are hoping that the 2020 show will be on 26th January, student exams permitting