The BOGG 2018 show

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9. Nov, 2017
Another 'NEW' to Bristol trader ALPHAGRAPHIX, signed up today this makes 3 new to Bristol traders for 2018, please support them.
We have had one trader from the 2017 show not accept space for 2018, he did not take enough 'MONEY' to make it worth coming !!
28. Oct, 2017
We have received trader space booking forms from 2 returning traders who say their customers are wishing to see their stock & discuss future project with them.
Still a few traders not yet replied.
29. Sep, 2017
Latest number of traders attending BOGG in January is now 71 confirmed, with another 16 not yet confirmed. At the time of this update we have 2 'NEW' to Bristol traders.
We have lost 4 traders from last year, one said on his first visit sales did not warrant his attendance again !!, 2 more have retired, and the fourth has a family wedding on Saturday, he was not sure about being in a fit state to drive to Bristol on Sunday from the midlands, so will give 2018 a miss.
15. Sep, 2017
Advance tickets went on sale at Guildex 2017, they are also available from the show web site, see ADVANCE TICKET page.
We are also attending the Reading Trade Show, with tickets for sale.
4. Sep, 2017
After our visit to Guildex, Telford, we now have 60 plus traders confirmed, and another dozen we are waiting for there trader space booking forms, and another 'NEW' to Bristol trader.
4. Aug, 2017
We now have 45 traders confirmed as attending, all their contact info can be found on 2018 traders page
25. Jul, 2017
Trader count now up to 32, with 1 NEW to Bristol trader.
14. Jun, 2017
We now have 25 traders saying they are attending BOGG 2018.
9. May, 2017
Today we started the 2018 traders attending list, with the web links as supplied to us and cross checked with the Gauge 0 Guild directory, if they give trouble opening please let us know, and we will contact the trader concerned.
6. May, 2017
We have 10 traders confirmed as attending.
We will start listing these traders by the end of May.
The C&L business, has been sold, part to PHOENIX paints, the remainder's new owner will be announced by mid May.
30. Apr, 2017
We have now confirmed the 28th January as the 2018 show date.
105 traders have been invited, to bring their products to the west Country.
Some traders have changed ownership, some have retired.
C&L Finescale has been sold, but at the time of writing we do not have any contact details.
We will keep the 2017 list of traders contacts on the web until Christmas 2017, it will be taken down on 31st December.
We are attending the ASLRM show at Reading Saturday 6th May 2018, if you know of a trader who would like to attend in 2018, please let us know.
24. Apr, 2017
We have been told by UWE that the venue is being used for EXAMs until 24th/ 25th January so the earliest weekend we can have is SUNDAY 28th JANUARY 2018.
Will add more details as & when the UWE release the hire contract.
Happy modelling
12. Feb, 2017
Site manager has requested a feed back from us about the Venue.
We have suggested that temperature control is serviced.
Catering [which is site controlled] till area is reviewed as 'HOT' food chilled waiting to pay.
We are still asking for 21st January 2018, this will not be confirmed until all Exam Boards have finalised their dates.
KEEP WATCHING, we will publish here as and when we have the 'hire contract' in
1. Feb, 2017
If you the possible visitor can not find the required information on any of the pages, please leave a message via the contact us page, that way we can get back to you with the show details you require.
The leaving a comment on any page relies on the show team checking web site regularly and this only allows a 90 letter reply