The BOGG 2020 Show

This service will again be requsted in 2020


UWE & Parkway Station


Timings are provisional:-

Depart Parkway Station at 10 & 40 mins past the hour for the show site at UWE

Depart the show site for Parkway Station at the hour & half hour.

We do not have any confirmed information regarding work by Network Rail.

Some trains MAY NOT stop at Parkway

but stop at ABBEY WOOD,

please check you rail timings. 

Parkway Station is in the process of being upgraded & having overheard electrical wires fitted for the 'NEW' London to Cardiff Electrc Service.

There will also be a bus running a shuttle service around the car parks on site. 

If you can use public trasport from either Bristol or Parkway Station to the Conference Centre, please do so, as we have been warned that building work HAS started in the student area, and may be affecting our parking spaces.