The 2020 Show wagon

This years special show wagon is

James Durnford &  Son Ltd

Lime Merchant

[a 1928 built Chas Roberts

5 plank 12ton open]

They were based at Wapping Wharf

 the location of 'M' shed museum

on the City Docks.


This wagon and what supplies

of previous wagons

that we have will be on sale

at the 2020 BOGG show for

£46.00 each


Or by post from:-

Bob Taylor,

14 Hawthorne Street,



At £51.00 each



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Latest comments

08.12 | 19:56

Have you thought about the Glos County Cricket ground? Should not interfere with any sporting events.

09.08 | 14:41

Is there any news yet on a possible 2022 show? Missing one of the highlights of the year.

23.10 | 21:15

So sorry to here this news about one of the best gauge 0 shows in the country. I do hope you find another venue for everyone's continued enjoyment.

18.08 | 18:24

Hello. Can you help. I have found a complete intact Twix Twin CAdet Railway set in our loft and would like to know if it is of any value.
Kind regards.