The BOGG 2021 show

Thank you to all staff & Visitors

Bristol 0 Gauge Group’s 2020 show


Our show thanks to you letter


Our requested date for 2021 is

31st January


Sunday 26th January 2020, saw the annual Model Railway Exhibition in 0 Gauge staged at the University of the West of England [UWE], by the Bristol 0 Gauge Group, with the assistance of family & friends of the group, as well as Members of the West Wilts 0 Gauge Group

The weather was typical of the time of year not the kindest to the travelling public, with wind & rain showers, some visitors commented on how mild it was in Bristol, after leaving home with frost on the ground.

Our door raffle locomotive was won by White ticket 579, the gentleman is from Mid Wales, requested us not to name him, but gave Peco permission to name him in their show report.

He had the choice between Minerva’s 8750 GWR pannier [lined out livery], or the Manning Wardle ‘K’ class, as he was just about to leave the hall the loco draw was taking place, so he chose the pannier.

The single advance ticket draw was won by Mr Frost with ticket 140 a visitor who travelled all the way from Gloucestershire he chose the 2020 show wagon, James Durnsford.

The ’Carbon-foot-print’ draw was won by 4 member of Mr Whites party from the Cornish O Gauge Group with tickets 81 - 82 - 83 - 84. They chose 2 x Pountney [2015], 1 x Hendy & C[2018], & 1 x James Durnsford [2020] wagons.

Show wagons from previous years [2015 Pountney 5 left – 2016 T. Paul Nil stock – 2017 Dudley & Gibson nil stock – 2018 – Hendy 4 left - 2019 Sandwell nil stock - 2020 Durnsford 11 left] which are

still available at £50.00 by post.

Contact: - Bob Taylor 0117 9836036 for details of stock levels on each.

The show charity raffle [CHSW] took about £300.00, on the day, a cheque of £3,000 was handed over, as the result of the 2019 bring & buy fee, plus the donations of some Layout & Demonstrators expense’s, also a donation from BOGG show profits.

Numbers through the door were 30 up on last year, to a total of 1464, it felt they all arrived at the same time between 09.00am & 10.30 am, we sold 222 advance tickets this allowed visitor access to the toilets, a hot drink & the must have bacon sarnie, visitor have travelled from all corners of the UK and parts of the EU.

Numbers were again split about 2/3 [832] Gauge 0 Guild member & Advance tickets, and 1/3 [439] Non-Guild, with Families of visitors [wives/partners/children] bringing in another 193

With 81 traders / 20+stewards / 12 layout operators / 12 demonstrators / 28 club & societies we can add another 550 to people in the hall, a lot of bodies to create heat for the air-con to deal with.

We thank all 81 of our traders who attended, we have spoken to the two second hand book sellers who failed to arrive, one had an emergency hospital appointment, the other went down with a virus infection on the 24th Jan.  [not the Corona variety]

This year we had 8 new traders, with enquires from 1 new trader to be included on the 2021 invite listing, visitors are asking where are we finding all the interesting traders from!! Our reply is THEY approach us.

In the last 12 months 3 traders have retired from visiting shows but still trade online, as their age increases, they feel less inclined to travel long distances to shows.

We must Apologise, to you who had problems getting something eat, as the Café ran out of food again for a while, at the time every one decided to eat lunch, exhibition centre has assured us that they will do better next year.!!!

 A BIG THANK YOU to all who visited the BOGG 2020 exhibition, without you visiting us the traders would go home with long faces a tell us it was not a viable show for them, and are not going to turn up next year 

Our requested date for 2021 is Sunday 31st January 2021, this will give you an EXTRA payday between Christmas and the show, we are awaiting confirmation from the venue [UWE] that this date is available, it depends when the area is no longer required for an EXAM HALL.

As we arrived Friday this year UWE staff were still using the hall for a exam which had overrun exam that morning.

Updates as they become available on, trade attending / layouts / demonstrators / societies, will be posted on the show web site we will retain the 2020 traders list on the web for you to use as a trader reference directory.

Trade invites will be sent as soon as UWE confirm the 2021 show date, which is usually during the 1st week of April. we will retain the 2020 trader listing for you to use as a traders directory.

Many thanks for attending as a visitor in 2020, see you back again in 2021 to find out who the traders are & what layouts are on show.

We cannot promise better car parking, as they keep building ‘NEW’ student facilities, on what was parking space. 

A final thanks to all our families, friends and fellow modellers who turned out to assist in the setting out, and covering of 320 plus tables on Saturday & collecting them in again on Sunday.

Alan Neale / Bob Savage / Bob Taylor, the BOGG show team

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08.12 | 19:56

Have you thought about the Glos County Cricket ground? Should not interfere with any sporting events.

09.08 | 14:41

Is there any news yet on a possible 2022 show? Missing one of the highlights of the year.

23.10 | 21:15

So sorry to here this news about one of the best gauge 0 shows in the country. I do hope you find another venue for everyone's continued enjoyment.

18.08 | 18:24

Hello. Can you help. I have found a complete intact Twix Twin CAdet Railway set in our loft and would like to know if it is of any value.
Kind regards.